What is sacred about all of our lives, even those of us who would never dream of using such a word for it, is that God speaks to us through what happens to us - even through such unpromising events as walking up the road to get the mail out of the mailbox, maybe, or seeing something in the news that brings you up short, or laughing yourself silly with a friend. If skeptics ask to be shown an instance of God speaking to them in their lives, I suggest that they pay closer attention to the next time when, for unaccountable reasons, they find tears in their eyes.
-- Frederick Buechner



Green Book Collection

A 9 track poem / story / song collection by Randy Weeks:

  1. Office Aisle (poem)
  2. Invitation (song)
  3. See You Tomorrow (story)
  4. Hobby Horse & Wallpaper (poem)
  5. What You Are (song)
  6. The Last Six Days (poem)
  7. Our Little Life (song)
  8. Natural (song)
  9. Smile Awhile (song)
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Roar Roar Dinosaur by RANDY WEEKS

Roar Roar Dinosaur

A fun song for kids and other humans:

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Roar Roar illustrated book version on YouTube


The 9 songs on One Good Reason were recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1992 when I was playing more often around town than I do today. I made the recording a simple acoustic effort so that when someone picked up a copy at a local club, the recording he or she would hear in the car or at home would be the same simple guitar and vocal already heard live, versus a full band mix of some kind.

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