Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Natural - A song by Randy Weeks


Like a pilot taking pictures of the sky
Hoping he might show us how it feels to fly
I once thought that I might fit us in a song
and share a little of how it feels
to be in love with you so long

It's just natural
Like grass in love with dew
Like roots fit the ground and silence fits sound
We fit so fine, we two
Love as vast as all the starlight, and romantic as the moon
itís just natural
to be in love with you

All the poetry, and paint, and prose, and song
Thatís been penned, and brushed, and bound, and sung so long
Only hinted at the simple and the sweet
Of how naturally youíd fall in love with me

Itís just natural
Like wings in love with sky
Like April needs rain and fancy needs plain
and gives no reason why
Itís as obvious as a flower, and as comfortable as tea
Itís just natural
the way that you love me

Itís as common as an ordinary day
And as precious as each morning, the same way
As familiar as the way the seasons change
And as constant as the music in your name

Itís just natural
A clock would love the time
That a book would love eyes, and lips adore sighs
and your hands would love mine
Love as wild as any storm front, and as tender as a tear
Itís just natural
that love would last for years

Itís natural weíd find each other here.

Copyright 2016 by RB Weeks

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The 9 songs on One Good Reason were recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1992 when I was playing more often around town than I do today. I made the recording a simple acoustic effort so that when someone picked up a copy at a local club, the recording he or she would hear in the car or at home would be the same simple guitar and vocal already heard live, versus a full band mix of some kind.

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