If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.
-- Thomas Edison

Roar Roar Dinosaur

A fun song for kids and other humans:

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Green Book Collection

A 9 track poem / story / song collection by Randy Weeks:

  1. Office Aisle (poem)
  2. Invitation (song)
  3. See You Tomorrow (story)
  4. Hobby Horse & Wallpaper (poem)
  5. What You Are (song)
  6. The Last Six Days (poem)
  7. Our Little Life (song)
  8. Natural (song)
  9. Smile Awhile (song)
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Wild Flowers in Deep Water

Wild Flowers in Deep Water

I could talk the days and nights away....

And she listens.

I smile until my face hurts

And she smiles more... so I do, too.

She speaks and I want to hear... love to hear...

Gentle, graceful spirit... kind-hearted one...

While sensual, powerful, erotic.

Fire and cool water in a single vessel.

And every taste of her is like the first...

What's a poor boy to do?

Give up, sonny, you've met your match.

Wild Flowers in Deep Water

Uncompromising heart

More sure of herself every passing week....
So glad to know it,
see it,
be near her
in it.

This thing, both complicated and simple beyond belief.

Wild Flowers in Deep, Deep Water

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