Inside the great mystery that is, we don't really own anything. What is this competition we feel then, before we go, one at a time, through the same gate?
-- Rumi

Taking Megan Dancing

Taking Megan Dancing

This year, at the Sweetheart dance
The big time Brownie dad & daughter gig,
Megan was so lovely
In her lacey dress
and curly hair
that actually stayed curly all night
Imagine that.

I was proud to be her date.
Proud to be her daddy.
Ecstatic to see her smiling as we danced.
To hold her hand, spin and dip.
Make her laugh.
I saw her looking around
occasionally, then back at me
Was she showing me off?
I was showing her off.
Girl giggles and silliness
I love it.

Who were these other slugs
pretending to be comfortable in
tiny cafeteria chairs while
their daughters begged them to dance?

One little girl
sat down on the rear bench
and cried her eyes out

I wanted to find the man
who was here somewhere
pretending to be her dad
and ask him
What the hell is wrong with you?
Don't you know she'll be grown & gone in far less time
than you've spent breaking her heart tonight?

I was wishing we could take her home with us.
Foolish fathers.

We have no idea sometimes how
"life & death" these things feel to
our little ones.

But we should.

Weren't we all young once?

There was another little girl who
had no dad to take her.
D had said
Why don't you take her
with you and Megan

Megan got upset
She's not ready to share her dad with anyone.

She got teary eyed and said
But, he's MY dad.
It hurts my heart just to think about it.

So sweet, so sad, so tender
So full of this buzzing, burning vitality
that it splashes all over my adult life.
Placing your heart in the hands of a child is a fearsome and wonderous thing.

They can't hurt it, though.
They've not yet been taught how.

I think that little girl got her grandpa to take her
At least Grandpa got up and danced.
He already knew what I'm learning, I'll bet.

That it's just so nice to have this time.
Time that will surely fly faster than
we foolish mortals ever suspect...
Then she won't want to hang out with dad anymore.
That's OK.
I can handle it
(I think I hope I pray I'll try)

Her older sister went through it. Had to become her own self.

It's the independence thing
Gotta separate from Mom & Dad in order
to be your own person.
Go for it
With my blessing
It's all part of growing up.

But for now,
let's enjoy this dance.


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