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Paying Attention to Attention - Part 1

02. One of the hard parts

03. The list, for now

04. (Morning Wake Up Wars): #1: The automatic timer scare yourself awake alarm method

05. More than 2 items needs a list

06. (Morning Wake up Wars): #2: The Ritalin Freight Train Wake Up Routine

07. (Morning Wake up Wars): #3: I used to set my clock radio to the wrong time

08. Other Clocks, Other Times

09. They say Energy Follows Attention

10. The clock tricks went on for years

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.
-- Albert Einstein

07. (Morning Wake up Wars): #3: I used to set my clock radio to the wrong time

07. (Morning Wake up Wars): #3: I used to set my clock radio to the wrong time

(Paying Attention to Attention - Part 7 - August 5, 2011)

I did. On purpose. I'd set it to 48 minutes earlier than for real, for example, then that way, i had to do math to wake up... the alarm would go off and i'd see it saying the time was 6:10 and I'd either be fooled and start getting up, which would take 4 or 5 or 8 snooze bar hits, or, if I was semi human by the time the alarm went off the first time, I'd remember my little trick and do the math real fast, thinking, "hmmm not really 6:10, actually ummmmm... 5:22, so I have time. no sweat!".

Then I'd wake again and it would say 7am and I'd think, "oh shit I'm late. Gotta wake the girls for school", and then realize, no... it's just 6:12 (doing semi-sleep math again), which means it just looks like 2 minutes later than the last time I looked, only that time was really... 50 minutes ago (see the math whiz at work)... so I'm cool, etc. Then I'd calculate I could sleep another 5 or 10 minutes, coz then it would be 6:22 and still time, but I'd better not...

And all that craziness actually helped me wake up, coz it got my head working on a problem to be solved and created a little crack in the early fog of the day.

(I don't do that anymore. Really. Not on purpose, anyway)

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