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Paying Attention to Attention - Part 1

02. One of the hard parts

03. The list, for now

04. (Morning Wake Up Wars): #1: The automatic timer scare yourself awake alarm method

05. More than 2 items needs a list

06. (Morning Wake up Wars): #2: The Ritalin Freight Train Wake Up Routine

07. (Morning Wake up Wars): #3: I used to set my clock radio to the wrong time

08. Other Clocks, Other Times

09. They say Energy Follows Attention

10. The clock tricks went on for years


And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

--Raymond Carver
from A New Path To The Waterfall

05. More than 2 items needs a list

05. More than 2 items needs a list

(Paying Attention to Attention - Part 5 - August 3, 2011)

We used to joke about my shopping skills... the saying went that any time I would go to the grocery to pick up some stuff, anything more than 2 items needs a list.

Like, I'd have to pick up milk and cereal - really, no joke, I know they go together and all that - but I'd need a list, because I'd get to the grocery and wander the aisles and think of several other good things to get, then add them to the cart and leave either milk or cereal (or both) out. Or I'd get milk and some Nestle's Quick, coz, you know, that stuff is awesome...

Truth is most of the time i could handle 2 or 3 or 4 things (And I knew how to jot stuff on my hand so well and so constantly that a couple friends thought I had a tattoo) but the few times i messed up with just 2 items set the rule and the running joke in stone.

Besides, if it's the middle of the night and one of the items you were supposed to get was diapers or tampons or baby formula and there's obviously a reason the trip was in the middle of the night in the first place... well, when one of those items gets left out, let's just say a list would have been a damn good idea.

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