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Paying Attention to Attention - Part 1

02. One of the hard parts

03. The list, for now

04. (Morning Wake Up Wars): #1: The automatic timer scare yourself awake alarm method

05. More than 2 items needs a list

06. (Morning Wake up Wars): #2: The Ritalin Freight Train Wake Up Routine

07. (Morning Wake up Wars): #3: I used to set my clock radio to the wrong time

08. Other Clocks, Other Times

09. They say Energy Follows Attention

10. The clock tricks went on for years

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
-- Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

03. The list, for now

03. The list, for now

(Paying Attention to Attention - Part 3 - July 30, 2011)

Some of the items from the list, saved for when inspiration strikes:

  1. Ritalin - questioning the costs of the drug that helped me return to stability in work and time management.
  2. Mornings of fogginess
  3. Meandering Meetings
  4. Reading everything at once
  5. Music in everything, everywhere
  6. If Energy follows attention...
  7. Depth over speed
  8. 1st grade, Mrs. Martin and repeated days of tape on my mouth for talking too much.
  9. Alarm clock madness.
  10. To do lists replaced by other to do lists, all of which have dozens of items on them.
  11. MENSA - pros and cons.
  12. Early driving experiences and accidents
  13. People leaving the room and disappearing from my thoughts so completely it's scary.
  14. Forgetting names and faces, even with successful practice in memory training.
  15. 4th grade school and homework issues: the over stuffed envelope of a whole quarter's unfinished work in English and social studies. 30 days of summer detention for not completing 5 long division problems in math, then having the number due increase every day as punishment, till the school year ended and I (along with a couple other fellow fourth grad delinquents) had over 1000 long division problems to complete, keeping us at school till early July.
  16. Saying I'll be home in 30 minutes, then showing up hours (and hours) later...
  17. Conversation gluttony
  18. Recurring Dreams of community and of creating/working/living with groups of people.

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