I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.
-- Albert Einstein

Office Aisle

Office Aisle

Oh office aisle
Your pens & paper
Draw me like new
lotto games
Unscratched promises
and wagers
of wonders you'll coax from my brain

tiny tubes of unleaked stories
desperate whispering of the page
former trees that beg to feel the carving of a fine point's blade

Pilot, Bic & EverSharp
artists pads & index cards
Sanford, Cross & Mead & Parker
Paper Mate & Magic Marker

Spiral pads of every size
One will surely make me wise
And see that journal bound in leather?
Now there's a key to writing better.

Regardless of the store I've entered
I'm drawn to stationery center
compelled to find there something new
in lead or tip or grip or hue

How do you suck me in each time?
And how come I can never find
one of those million pads or pens
when siezed by actual writing whims

Oh office aisle
I swear I'm through
I'll never buy again from you
I'm headed for the Staples Door


I've never seen THAT pen before...

                  - January 2002

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